We start well and finish well.

Today we go to the house to rest. It has been a little difficult days because the chemo was delayed a bit because my defenses were low but these things happen for a reason.

On Monday we saw the results of the blood count and we knew that the chemo would be postponed, Blanca and I feel very frustrated because we have a whole armed schedule and any changes run some dates but well, as Blanca told me on Monday “We have to put ourselves in the hands of God. ”

Now we have to wait about 2-3 weeks to check the result of these 2 chemo and depending on the results, define the date of the bone marrow transplant and / or continue with some more chemo.

I leave you with a beautiful picture with two angels, Maria and Ana, who have attended me these 3 days as if I were their son and as you will see in the photo they are just as positive as us.

Thanks to all my brothers who visited us and to all who wrote so many messages of support.

Pura Vida and to continue praying and rowing.