Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is very well as I am.

I am writing to tell you that in the next few days we should start the second chemotherapy treatment, which most likely begins the week of April 19. As many already know, this will be the second treatment because although the first 12 sessions of ABVD chemotherapy that gave me from June 2015 to January 2016 generated a good response, they did not cure the lymphoma completely. Now we have to start what they call rescue chemo and here we are ready and strong to receive it. Very likely it will be 6 cycles (4 and a half months), and I will be admitted to the clinic for a couple of days for the duration of each cycle.

It’s been 3 months since I received the last treatment and the truth is that I have felt quite well. I have had some pain in the low back but with the daily cortisone (3 pills a day), the pain stopped and I have been making my life almost almost normal.

I want to leave you with a final message: Enjoy every moment you have with your family nucleus. Following my diagnosis, and despite the very difficult moments that Blanca and I have had to live in this last year, I am sure that it is the year when we are most united and congratulate. Today we spend a lot of time together and we are with our children too much of the day. This gives us happiness, joy and strength.

A big hug to everyone and as always, let’s keep praying and paddling together.