Dear all,

Today is a day to thank and celebrate.

After a year and a half of treatment, including chemo and bone marrow transplantation, today we have been given the beautiful news that we are totally clean and cancer free. We can celebrate!

We want to thank you all for so many love shows. We have always read and reread all your messages. Each was a source of energy that helped us keep fighting and get up in difficult times.

We also want to thank our doctors and nurses. To all those who directly and indirectly participated in this victory, in particular Tito Arregui, Aurelio Barboza, Fernando Hurtado de Mendoza, George Carrum, Luis Campos, Luis Fayad and Audrey Scholoff.

What is coming now, is to participate in this preventive treatment called immunotherapy which we will begin this Monday, November 21 and that will help us to continue monitoring for a few more months as a precaution.

Thanks again to all. Thank you for the prayer chains, for your energy, for your messages, for the visits, for the surprises, for the calls, for the food that took me to the hospital, for everything! Thanks also to my school friends for so much …. unforgettable sorpesa. Thanks to my friends who went to chemo in both Lima and Houston. Thanks to the people who took me to see and charge the Lord of Miracles in October 2015. Thanks to the people who have been watching Blanca and who have done so much good. I would spend hours mentioning each of you. Eternally grateful.

A big hug from the bottom of my heart.

Look at the photo, it is today entering the Petscan machine. Always positive!

Pure Life Always!